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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have provided the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding private tutoring and MCAT prep with Dr. Donnelly.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact Dr. Donnelly directly.

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Do you offer a free initial consultation or assessment?

Yes we do. If you are new to private tutoring or test prep - don't worry. During your free initial consultation, Dr. Donnelly will administer a short assessment to determine if there are any gaps in your background knowledge of the basic concepts that appear on the MCAT. The assessment usually takes about 30 minutes. You will also get to see Dr. Donnelly's tutoring skills in action and by the end of the initial consultation, you should feel confident that Dr. Donnelly is the right MCAT tutor for you.

Based on the initial assessment, Dr. Donnelly will be able to advise you on the correct number of hours of tutoring that you will probably need in order to reach your target MCAT score. If you decide that Dr. Donnelly is the right tutor for you, he will then work with you to help you to plan your entire MCAT prep time-table and set up a regular tutoring schedule.

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How many sessions will I need?

Without knowing the specifics of your situation, it’s tough to give a specific answer. This will really depend upon several factors, including how much test prep you have already done and how much homework you can handle. If you’ve already done some prep and wish to focus on particular topics or learn the correct strategy for the MCAT to fine-tune your test-taking skills, then a few sessions might be sufficient.

Knowing the most efficient approach, that allows one to extract the important information from each passage, is the key to improving one’s MCAT score. Dr. Donnelly's students are often amazed at how quickly their MCAT scores start to improve significantly (often after just a few hours of tutoring). Contact Dr. Donnelly to set up a free initial consultation to determine the best tutoring option for you.

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What materials do you use?

All students also receive free proprietary teaching materials including equation summary sheets, test-taking tips, and access to 1000's of officially-published MCAT questions and practice exam. Students also have access to other teaching materials including:

  • AAMC practice exams
  • The Official Guide to The MCAT Exam - AAMC
  • Berkeley Review - complete set of books
  • ExamKrackers - complete set of books
  • Next Step - complete set of books
  • Kaplan MCAT - complete set of books
  • Next Step practice tests
  • Kaplan practice tests
  • Barrons MCAT
  • Princeton Review MCAT

What kind of score improvement can I expect?

The score improvement a typical student sees is often a function of the student’s prior preparation, initial score, and the amount of time he or she can devote to MCAT prep. I’ve had students achieve improvements ranging from 10-30 points over their previous MCAT scores. Other students, who focused more on one particular section of the MCAT during our sessions have achieved double-digit improvements in that section alone.

But it bears mentioning that achieving these kinds of gains will require hard work. The MCAT is an extremely nuanced exam, and only by dedicating yourself to your preparation can you expect to make the kinds of gains we both want to see.

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What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Since Dr. Donnelly's schedule tends to fill up rather quickly and he often has students wait-listed for open time slots, he asks that 24 hours notice be given if a student wishes to reschedule or cancel a previously scheduled lesson. Any lessons that are cancelled by the student without notice are charged at the usual rate.

When a student purchases a discounted package of lessons, Dr. Donnelly makes a commitment to that student to ensure availability in his schedule to accommodate the number of lessons within that package. Since Dr. Donnelly's expertise is highly source after, this means that he often needs to turn away other potential new students in order to fulfill this commitment. For this reason, no refunds are available for packages of lessons. However, in exchange for this reciprocal commitment on the student's part, each lesson within the package is discounted from Dr. Donnelly's usual rate.

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Can you provide references?

Yes. References are available upon request. Also check out our student's testimonial page.

Student's Testimonials

Online MCAT Lessons

Online private tutoring with Dr. Donnelly is a effective and convenient option for those students who seek the highest quality MCAT test prep but live outside of the New York City area.

Online MCAT tutoring with Dr. Donnelly is an effective and convenient test prep option for students who are still seeking the highest quality private tutoring available but who do not wish to travel (particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic!)

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Students' Testimonials

5 star MCAT Tutor reviews - NYC“I want to start with saying that you are an amazing tutor! You helped me achieve an 11 point jump in the two months you tutored me! Thank you so much, I will recommend you to all my friends.”

Vaishivi J.

5 star MCAT Tutor reviews - NYC“I just got back my MCAT scores and got a 39. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Apoorva S.

4 star MCAT Tutor reviews - NYC“The fundamentals I learned from Dr. Donnelly were very helpful. I received the one-on-one attention that I did not receive in the Kaplan prep test.”

Neelu G.

5 star MCAT Tutor reviews - NYC“Dr. Donnelly has a real knack for explaining topics in plain English and for making them come alive with real-life examples.”

Mike H.

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In-person MCAT Tutoring (NYC or San Diego)

Doctor MCAT Tutoring Manhattan Office NYC

If you happen to live in either New York City or San Diego, CA, why not take advantage of private in-person MCAT lessons with Dr. Donnelly? Depending upon the time of year, Dr. Donnelly offers one-one in-person lessons at either his Manhattan-based office or his La Jolla, California-based office.

Contact Dr. Donnelly to schedule your free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss which test prep option is right for you.

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